Nike Run Event Series Launch Party

I love last minute invitations. The excitement it brings, rushed discussions between ourselves like “What do I wear?”, “What shall I do with my hair and make up?”. Only girls will understand this 😉

So Weronika and I were invited to Nike Run Event Series Launch Party in London last night. If you don’t know yet, Nike is organising a series of running events across the world (check all the locations here) and one of them is London! Ironically, our crew managed to sign up for the We Run London 10k even before the launch party (fitness geeks, I know!). You should totally join us, as it will be an unforgettable experience! I did it last year and I could write a whole post about it! So trust us when we say – put whatever you doing right now on hold and sign up for the race!

The launch party was so great too!


We couldn’t help but show our excitement for the upcoming race, by dropping the Stronger Every Damn Day pose:

There were plenty of activities to keep us occupied for the whole evening, so without any hesitation we jumped straight in!

Starting with t-shirt customisation for the crew…


… as well as getting our make up sorted by lovely Mac ladies…


We then trusted Hershesons to do their magic on our hair.


I asked the stylist to inspire me with a hairdo suitable for the race, but I wanted to still look stylish and chic. I was rather happy with the outcome!


It was then Weronika’s turn.


Doesn’t she look pretty?!


With our hair and make up sorted we were ready for the photo shoot!

unnamed (1)

We also managed to create a Spotify playlist so we can listen to the same tracks together while running the race. Wanna see what we came up with? You can listen to the playlist here. (Caution! It might cause a strong urge to put your running shoes on and head outside!)



We really enjoyed the party, met a lot of lovely people, as well as bumped into ones we already know! Jess was doing her thing by blasting great tunes throughout the evening:


I guess one thing that we have to do now is to continue training as a crew! And I know one thing for sure. Girls who train together, stick together 😉

If you would like to join our crew for the run – drop us a message from one of the options in Contact Us page, and we will send you more details how to join us! Come run with us!



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