Kayla Itsine’s Sweat Tour 2016

I remember I stumbled upon Kayla Itsines on Instagram by browsing through #fitspo hashtag, as pathetic as it sounds. I guess everyone has those “can’t be bothered to go to the gym” days, and having seen amazing transformations of the girls using her guides, I got instantly hooked to find out who’s this girl.

Fast forward a year to today, and I’m swearing every time I have to get up off the chair, thanks to Kayla’s third week of BBG (Beach Body Guide) training, my lower body is so sore, I’m not entirely sure how I’ll stick to the plan for the rest of the week. The best thing though, during my second week of training, I got to workout with Kayla Itsines herself as part of her Sweat Tour.

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Kayla has a very specific style of training, but let’s leave this, perhaps, for the next blog post and focus on the Sweat Tour, which was incredible!

I was so lucky to snap up the tickets before they sold out in under 15 minutes. The queue on the other hand was horrendous when I arrived at London Olympia, even though I got there 1 hour early!

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Surprisingly it took only 20 minutes to get inside, and once I secured a spot mid-way to the stage, I decided that as lame as it is, I need to get the “I was here” picture.

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Very soon Toby (who is Kayla’s boyfriend by the way) opened the tour and Kayla literally stormed the stage!

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We didn’t have to wait for long to break a sweat, even the warm up was tough, but I was determined to give my all, no matter if I won’t be able to walk the next day. And so I did…

3 parts of HIIT training: one for legs, one for abs and one for the arms. Repeated 3 TIMES. Just to give you a flavour of what it was like, I took a few videos:

Circuit 1 – half of the room doing tuck jumps and the other half sit ups. Switching after 1 minute


Circuit 2 – star jumps in plank and (wobbly) lunge jumps


Circuit 3 – star jumps upright and lay down push ups


The intensity was insane, barely any time to rest, doing one circuit after another, but weirdly, I enjoyed being pushed to the limit so much! Here’s my sweaty selfie midway through the session:

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Kayla decided to throw in a little surprise to end the workout – every single exercise that we did during the session we were asked to repeat again. Each exercise – 30s, no stops, totalling to a HIIT circuit of 7 minutes. 7 MINUTES! I was terrified! My whole body was already like jelly and there was a puddle of sweat forming on my matt, but what the hell, I’ve gritted my teeth and gave my all. It was tough, but so rewarding!

And we finally got to stretch!

We rushed to the front of the stage to take a picture with Kayla herself and try our luck in catching some goodies.


It was one of the best and the toughest live workout I have ever had. I gave it all, I pushed myself like never before (usually I find it hard to do that when I workout on my own) and it felt so good (and so painful the next day). I remember I left the venue thinking “if only this was a regular thing, I’d definitely give up my gym membership”.

Until next year Kayla!

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Did you make to Kayla’s Sweat Tour this year? Was it in London, New York or LA? How was it???

Sandra xx

P.S. (apologies for low quality pics, didn’t want to take my camera to be destroyed by Kayla’s army 🙂 )


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  1. 24th June 2016 / 07:59

    Great post!
    Love your little videos! Makes me feel like I’m back there!

    Can’t believe that last killer circuit!
    I thought we were done after those 3 circuits. The there were the supersets as well!

    Hopefully see you next year!

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