Bests Cycle Launch

A few weeks ago I was invited to try out a new Bests spin class. Having experienced what their bootcamps are like I couldn’t wait for this one!


Christina and I arrived to the spin studio and got really excited about the lighting system. Of course it was neon, and we couldn’t help but giggle at our glowing teeth, tops and shoes.

2The class kicked off with an energetic warm up. Very soon we were cycling to the beat of really well selected tunes. We have even performed a synchronised rave on the bike involving push ups, hovers and energetic bounces. We were rather enjoying it!



Weirdly, a good workout for me is measured how hard I sweat. Even more weirdly, the more I sweat, the more I enjoy the workout – it means I’m really pushing myself hard. So even though Best Cycle team wasn’t planning on having a spin class with air conditioning down due to a fault, I really really enjoyed the hot and steamy atmosphere during the class! Whole lot of us pushed so hard that towards the end of the class the mirrors were becoming hazy.


I think Bests Spin team might have accidentally invented a new type of class – Hot Spin! If that was made a real thing I would probably be their most loyal customer  😀

The class also targeted our upper bodies as there was a drill with medium weighted dumbbells targeting shoulders, triceps and biceps. Finally, we had a really nice stretch and finished the workout completely soaking wet!


Post workout protein shakes and ice cold towels were really nice touches that helped us with the recovery.

7.jpgWould I recommend trying Bests Spin class? For sure! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the dynamics of the workout as well as the energetic atmosphere. As for me, I’m crossing my fingers for Hot Spin to become a real thing and can’t wait to see what else Bests Team has got up their sleeves!

Sandra xx


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